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25L pleached $130

Our 25L Pleached Ficus Tuffi offers a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and functional design. Trained using the ancient technique of pleaching, this plant showcases a refined and structured growth, perfect for creating elegant green architecture in your outdoor spaces.

25L Pleached

25L pleached $130

Estimated Price: $130

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Presenting the 25L Pleached Ficus Tuffi, an embodiment of the beautiful art of pleaching, where horticulture meets architecture. This plant is trained using the time-honoured technique of pleaching, which involves meticulously pruning and intertwining the branches to form a flat plane or specific shapes, creating a living sculpture that provides not only greenery but also an architectural element to your garden.

Pleaching is a traditional form of plant training that originated in Europe during the medieval times. It is a skilled and laborious process that involves pruning and interlacing the branches of the plant into a desired form or pattern. The result is a distinct, architectural display of foliage that acts as a natural screen, wall or archway, making it a fantastic feature in any garden or outdoor space.

The 25L Pleached Ficus Tuffi, with its manageable size and unique visual appeal, is perfect for creating a design statement in your garden. Whether it's a natural screen that provides privacy, a decorative wall that adds an artistic touch, or an archway that frames a garden path, this plant offers a versatile solution to your landscaping needs.

Not only does this pleached variant of Ficus Tuffi elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor space, but it also possesses the typical robust characteristics of the Ficus Tuffi species. It's adaptable to various environmental conditions, requiring moderate care that includes routine watering, seasonal pruning and occasional fertilizing.

With its striking architectural design and lush, green foliage, the 25L Pleached Ficus Tuffi serves as both a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to your garden. It's a testament to the artistry that can be achieved with plants, merging the worlds of horticulture and architecture to create a unique and breathtaking feature.