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45L pleached $160

The 45L Pleached Ficus Tuffi is a stunning display of horticultural artistry, masterfully pruned and shaped into a lush, living structure. This plant provides a green architectural element that enhances the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space.

45L Pleached

45L pleached $160

Estimated Price: $160

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Experience the fusion of natural beauty and refined design with our 45L Pleached Ficus Tuffi. Pleaching, a traditional method of plant training, involves careful pruning and training of the branches to form intricate patterns or designs. This technique not only results in a plant that is aesthetically pleasing but also functions as a natural screen or wall, adding structure and depth to your landscape.

Our 45L Pleached Ficus Tuffi, being larger than the 25L variant, is ideal for medium to large-sized gardens and outdoor spaces. It can be used to create a natural screen that adds privacy, or a living wall that brings a sense of calm and tranquility to your garden. Furthermore, the flexibility of the Ficus Tuffi species means that this plant can be trained and pruned into a variety of shapes and patterns, allowing you to customize it according to your outdoor design preferences.

Pleached Ficus Tuffi plants also offer the same robust characteristics as the standard Ficus Tuffi. Known for their adaptability, these plants are resilient to various environmental conditions and require moderate care, including regular watering, seasonal pruning, and occasional fertilizing.

With the 45L Pleached Ficus Tuffi, you're not just adding a plant to your garden, but also a living piece of art. The structure and elegance that this plant provides will undoubtedly elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor space. It brings not just greenery but also an architectural element that blends seamlessly with nature, enriching the overall ambiance of your garden.

The 45L Pleached Ficus Tuffi is the perfect choice for those seeking to create an appealing and functional outdoor space that balances natural beauty and architectural design. This plant promises to transform your garden into a vibrant, lush, and aesthetically pleasing haven that you and your guests will surely love. Embrace the beauty of nature and design with the 45L Pleached Ficus Tuffi and bring your outdoor landscape to new heights of sophistication.