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75L - $280

Elevate your garden aesthetics with our 75L Ficus Tuffi, a remarkable green feature exuding immense charm and elegance. Its mature, expansive canopy brings a distinct aesthetic edge, transforming any landscape into a verdant oasis. Perfect for large outdoor spaces, this Ficus Tuffi variant creates an unmatchable natural statement with its sheer size and abundant foliage.

75L Ficus Tuffi

75L - $280

Estimated Price: $280

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Make a grand, green statement with the stunning 75L Ficus Tuffi. An epitome of natural beauty and elegance, this plant captivates the eye with its wide canopy of lush, dark green foliage and imposing size. It stands as a remarkable feature in your outdoor space, transforming any landscape into a peaceful, verdant sanctuary. If you're looking to create an impressive and engaging environment, the 75L Ficus Tuffi offers the size and scale needed to achieve such an impactful effect.

The 75L Ficus Tuffi flourishes with a dense canopy that bursts with a lush green hue, creating a captivating spectacle in your garden, patio, or any large outdoor area. Its imposing size makes it a perfect choice for defining boundaries, creating privacy screens, or acting as a prominent feature in a spacious yard. As a plant of this magnitude, it contributes a sense of depth, richness, and luxury to your outdoor space, unmatched by smaller variants.

Care requirements for the 75L Ficus Tuffi are straightforward, considering its size. It thrives in a variety of light conditions, from full sun to partial shade, and requires regular watering. Although it may seem daunting, its care routine can be managed with ease. Our team at Ficus Tuffi Guy will guide you on best practices to maintain the health and vitality of this large plant.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the 75L Ficus Tuffi also offers environmental benefits. As a large-scale plant, it significantly contributes to air purification, absorbing pollutants and producing oxygen for a healthier environment. It's an ideal choice for those committed to a sustainable lifestyle and want to contribute to a greener planet.